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"City to die"

"City to die" is a sketch of dance piece, that was presented for POP Up Exchange.

"I exit S6, went through Hauptbahnhof and reached the crossroad. There I suddenly noticed that Essen is not any more «Ankaufs Stadt», it became «Die Folkwang Stadt». Well, it’s a bit better. And suddenly I thought: «wow, would be so weird and funny to die here. In Essen».

«City to die» will be an interdisciplinary performance. The topic is connected with the question: if you could choose the city, where you would love to die, what would you choose? Answering these we could find ourselves diving into memories and fantasies. We aim to surrealistic aesthetic, based on mixture of baroque, jazz, contemporary dance and video art, getting in-between of times, lost in real and imaginary cities. Through the paradox of thinking about death we wish people to get connected to the beauty and fragility of life and places where we lived and live.


Dancer/choreographer Antonia Koluiartseva

Musician/composer/video Marco Girardin

Manager of the project Kati Masami Menze

Photos by Jacob Kielgaß

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